Please Fence Me In!

1 03 2014


Please Fence Me In

Our farm needs a new fence to protect our Gulf Coast Native Sheep! We have plenty of energy to do the job, and the weather is with us, but it’s a daunting prospect, because so much cash, about $3,000, is needed for materials. This is an emergency. A tract of land abutting our grazing land was sold, and the new owners have threatened to shoot the sheep if they set foot on that property. The owner of the grazing land loves our sheep, but doesn’t want to put up a fence just now, so we have to pull the sheep back to our parcel. The only way to do that, is to fence our upper pasture. We started this “Fence-Raiser” 2 weeks ago, and we’ve raised enough to buy a lot of poles and some fencing. We’ve set 2 gates, and this next week…we hope to have one run complete. At night, we’re making the things our sponsors have ordered. It’s wonderful to have work coming in again!

We’re still looking for sponsors. Because we do so many things, we’re offering many things in return for your help. Fibery things, wooden things, edible things, and even adoptive things.

That said, here’s the idea:

For $500, the Flying Turtles String Band will play for your party – within the state of Florida

For $250, you receive a membership in the Yarn-of-the-Month Club – a different yarn every month, some natural, some naturally dyed

For $200, you receive a painting of a scene on our farm OR
Adopt-a-Sheep and get a painting of your sheep

For $150, you receive 8 skeins of yarn OR
a fresh skirted fleece (after Spring shearing) OR
a handspun handknit hat and mitts

For $125, you receive a membership in the Jam Baby Jam “Jam-of-the-Month Club” OR
6 skeins of yarn (Yarn-of-the-every-other-Month Club)

For $100, you receive a set of handcarved native cherry kitchen tools with Tom’s famous marinara sauce recipe (left or right handed) (Add a handcarved cherry coffee scoop for $20.)

For $75, you receive 4 skeins of yarn OR
either a handknit handspun hat or pair of mitts OR
a large handmade cutting board (native cherry wood)

For $50, you receive a dozen eggs/month (Gainesville area only) OR a small handmade cutting board (native cherry wood)

For $25, you receive a mitt-kit – a variety of handspun yarns – about 100 yards – and a pattern for fingerless gloves OR
a handcarved cherry Coffee Scoop

With the exception of the yarns in the “Mitt-Kit” and “Yarn-of the Month” selections, yarns will be spun to meet demand, and fairly consistent within the order. Yarns will be mid-weight, natural colored yarn, ready for knitting or dyeing, approximately 100 – 220 yards in a skein (depending on weight and ply), 2-ply or singles. Shipping is included for all of the selections.

We accept paypal or checks.

PayPal to:

To send a check, please write for our address.


Jam Baby Jam!

5 07 2013


L-R Stone Fruit, Nectarine Lime, and Peach-Black Plum-Ginger Jams

This is it. Jam Week. Peaches, Nectarines, Plums, and Blackberries are finding their way to the jam pot. Some are infused with ginger. Some with lime. Some with both. Oh, this house smells good!


TDF ~ Day 6

4 07 2013



A rose tweed Gulf Coast Native 2-ply named after my granny.


Day 6 TDF

Day 6: The day I learned that my cats really are the bosses around here. Daisy, literally, hangs on the wheel when it isn’t spinning. Maggie lays on my foot on the treadle when I am or am not spinning. Millie has a thing for the lazy kate. Daisy is going crosseyed (ok, she IS part Siamese) watching the wheel turn – for hours on end – head nodding as she is fixed on one spot. Ahhh, boy oh boy.

The good news, is that I am out of acid dyed fiber. Now…I have only locks I’ve dyed with flowers. And I like that SO MUCH MORE! I appreciate all you lovely spinners who are fascinated with color…and I leave all of those dyes to you. I’ve done so much dyeing in the past that my skin is very sensitive to dyes. Carding and spinning take me up close and personal…to the point of swollen fingers which I do not need. So, it’s off to the coreopsis, marigold, fennel, and avocado bins! See ya later, bye! *wave wave*

Yellah for TDF Day 2 and 3

1 07 2013


Natural Dyes and Gulf Coast Native Lambswool

Not much to say. This is a few ounces of lambswool dyed with coreopsis (the most orangey balls), marigold (the “med yellow” balls), and dog fennel (the pale yellow ball). I pulled the roving from small batts.

Tour de Fleece ~ Day 1

29 06 2013


Gulf Coast Native ~ Dyed with Flowers and Acid Dye


Rolags – Rerolled by The Cats


Rolags of Avo and Acid Dyed GC Fiber

So, it’s Day 1 of the Tour de Fleece. This year, I’m on 2 teams…DIY and Dye and Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. Yeah. I know. As soon as these are posted, I’m off to get that loaf of whole wheat in the oven and pack up the fiddles for an afternoon gig on the other side of the state. Ahhhh.

NB: See the multi colored rolags? Notice how ratty they look? Thank the kittehs. I walked out of the room for 2 minutes. Came back in. And GAH! Rolags were all over the rug in various states of disrepair. Such is life with kittehs.



25 06 2013


Avocado Dyed Gulf Coast Native Fleece


Avocado Dye

Okay okay. That’s a quart of avocado dye, an ounce or so of Gulf Coast Mary fleece, mordanted with alum and no final pH shift. C’mon, I just had too little dye for the amount of fiber in the dyepot. Did standard hour long simmers in mordant and in dye. Cooldown. Rinse. Ehn. Frankly, I get better color from Virginia Creeper…without all the waiting and cooking and waiting and so on. To be fair, I’ll need to dig up a gallon jar and pack it with avocado skins. For now though…I’ll try one more small dyepot…and pH shift with ammonia or soda. Another day. This is rainy season. Enough said.


25 06 2013



Nekked Mary and the Golden Hennies

We were sheared on Saturday. Phew.  Summertime haircuts. A bit late this year (by a couple of months) but finally, finally, done.

So…Mary’s fleece, the silky lurvley stuff it is, is wrapped, unskirted, in a sheet. Like the rest of the 2013 fleeces.

Now, Mary’s fleece, because it is so special, is a constant temptation. I hold it out like a carrot. Last year’s Mary fleece is still in the bag. Well, most of it. I’m soaking some right this minute. The mordant pot is ready. The avocado dye is ready, too. Time has come to get crankin’ on fiber, remodel project or not.

Let’s go charge the camera battery!



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