Oh, Ram!


Well, all this lamb business started after Sammy arrivayed on the scene. He came here from Georgia last summer, 6 months old, and adorable. By September, he was feeling his oats, and the ladies thought he was pretty cute, too. Midwinter, we had 2 sets of twins arrive. There’s a scar on Sammy’s face, from a dog attack last winter. Just to the right of his mouth. You can barely see it now. And, by the way, his fleece is fairly spectacular.

Zee Nose

Now a year and 9 months, his nose is taking on the characteristic wrinkle and hump. But, he’s still our pretty boy.

Bing at the Lick

Bing is giving me the eye. He’s a shy boy. Curly Lumpkin’s twin. But, what a difference between them! Sammy’s pa has scurs. Sammy’s horns are definitely horns, but they’re not massive. Here’s Bing. At 7 months old, he’s as big as his daddy, and those horns. I would like to get a close up…maybe one of these days…his head is all bone at the top…he’ll be quite the headbanger.

Bing beside his Pop

Here’s Bing, showing his profile. Already, he’s developing the characteristic humped nose. We’re hoping his horns take a turn out soon…they’re so close to his face right now…they look like they’re ready to pierce his cheeks. So, he’ll be our “At Stud” guy. He has the luscious fleece of his Pop Sammy, and great size and conformation. He’s Perkins all the way on Sammy’s side, and Perkins/Holt on Sally’s. If you read here much, you know that our gals, Sally & Holly are also very large horned ewes. So, we expected her babies to have size. Bing, though, is so gorgeous, I want to invent a new category for him!

This little photo session was brought on by my morning with Mary, who, at 2 weeks, looks ready to go out into the world. What a Big Girl! I’ll get pictures later.