Tryin’ to Change Maaaa’s Mind

Come On! I’m a Good Boy!

At the Gopher Hole

I told Curly I was thinking about it. The ba-ba, that is. He’s too sharp to “forget” about that ritual. I couldn’t believe it. He put his foot on my foot, then stood back and curled his lip at me. I’ve never seen him curl his lip before. Then, as quick as a wink, he turned to the dog fennel…and looked into a gopher hole. That old tortoise…the dirt is scratched up fresh again. I’ll just bet that Curly goes for walks with him.

In the Lower Field

Hey, oh hey, Maaaaa, you decide about the ba-ba yet?

Ohhhh, I looooove you Maaa.

Well, Smitty & I went down to the field to make sure there was plenty of water for the sheep. And Curly…well, he’d overheard the conversation about…shhhhh…weaning him. His brother Bing is still plowing into Sally’s udder, and she lets him nurse a little now and then…so, we’ve let Curly have his ba-ba. But…we’re at the tail end of a bag of Sav-a-Lam, and it does seem to me to be the perfect time to stop. Tom, though, ahhhhhhh. See, Curly still sleeps in the barn, because his mother still creams him with her horns at every opportunity. Tom feels so bad for him. We’ve tried to provide as much comfort and love as possible…and the ba-ba has been a huge factor. Arrrrrrh. I don’t know.

In the Garden…

Fritallary on a Zinnia

Hopi Black Dye Sunflower with Bees

Tom’s Dear Fergie

Lovely day out there, not even running the water on the garden. We had a pretty big rain last evening, so I’m not being awful. The zinnias and sunflowers have made some luscious bouquets for the kitchen table. But, one has to leave a few out there for the butterflies and bees!

Curly B Lumpkin

Curly Baa-Baa Lumpkin

Curly was our bummer lamb. He is our first bottle baby. I guess I stopped blogging right after the lambs were born…and I’ll let y’all in on a secret…it was that I had to become a sheep. Yep. Sally, his mama, decided that she didn’t want her firstborn all that much. She decided she’d like to keep Bing, ol #2, because…well…if you look back at the baby pictures…you see his black hornbuds? Well…that dude is a DUDE. Curly on the other hand, well, he grows little scurs that he bumps off. He’s chubby and sweet, not pushy and shovey. (We had him wethered.) He wore diapers around the house…yes, the house, for several weeks.  Sally acted as if she didn’t want to waste her milk on Curly. The flock didn’t want him around.

Well, now, here’s the thing. He’s been our bottle baby, and he still gets a couple baa baas a day…because he loves the love part…and he comes for walks…and gets along with Smitty our blue heeler…and he comes when he’s called…and…ok…I brag a little…Thing is…he is now the leader of the flock. He takes them for walks…shows them stuff that we show him…like where the best blackberries are…like where the new grass is…stuff like that. So…they’re appreciating him more…letting him hang with them more every day.

Interesting to see our little boy growing up.


L-R Sally, Bing, Sammy, Holly

Why do they pose in the most dreadful locales? They see me with a camera and run for the burn pile, or the anthill, or…

Sally is still nursing and skinny…and Bing…look at that moose…he’s the nurser…horns that won’t quit…and he’s almost as big as his dad, Sammy. Holly, who was so awfully sick in February has gained all her weight back and looks terrific!


Gulf Coast Native Sheep on Unimproved Pasture

Here they are…welll…they’re pretty far out there. Tom’s made some swathy passes through the blackberries…exposing lovely bahia for the baaaaas. There’s plenty of good pasture for them – so far – knock on wood and all that jazz.