Spin Span Spun Ram Lamb Hat


Hat knit from 2 strands of unspun Gulf Coast ram lamb with the occasional short flick of jet black alpaca. Size 8 circ and dpns were used. This was made for our 8 month old grandson who lives in RI.

This lamb’s fleece was still heavy with lanolin, sticky to work with. Lovely. Quite a bit of VM made the carding a slow process. Howard hand cards to the rescue.  The Fricke made the spinning a crazy fast enterprise. First, the rolags were predrafted into a very thin roving. Then, bobbin #1 was filled with a tightly spun single. Finally, the singles yarn was unspun evenly and rapidly. After knitting, the hat was given a cold water wash with Woolite. It is very soft and very thick with an elegant drape, and smells sweet now, not quite so cheesy rammy, but thankfully, it has retained a bit of the ram aroma.

The lamb fiber is from Laurie A of Silk Hope, the alpaca from Susan T of Dare to Dream Alpacas.