Hogie Crossing


Hogies aka Bottom Whorl Spindles by Tom Hogan.

L-R Whorls & Weights: Cedar, 15g (great for cotton, unsupported); Birch, 30g; Natural Southern Pine, 35g; Southern Pine, 40g; Walnut, 30g; Walnut 30g; Maple 55g (perfect plying spindle)


My walnut Hogie in a basket of spindlespun Gulf Coast Native yarns.


Here’s my walnut spindle whorl up close. It has a Danish oil finish, very smooth and natural. We sell these spindles at our farmers’ market for $16 – $20. They come with a hunk of roving and a lesson.

These bottom whorl drop spindles spin long and true. No wobbling. At all. The notches are perfect. If you are a spinner of heavy yarns, Tom can carve a big notch for you. Likewise, if you spin laceweight, you want to ask for a small notch. These spindles are made after the one I used back in 1972 at West Dean College in Arundel (Sussex) England where I studied spinning, dyeing, and weaving. Actually, I still have that spindle…and it still spins like a top. I’ve spun many a sweater’s worth of yarn on that old spindle.