Dove’s Roost Farm

The dancing wooly masters, Holly & Sally, live here at Dove’s Roost Farm in NoFla. They are Gulf Coast Native Sheep, and twins at that. They love their pasture, weeds like dog fennel, and especially racehorse oats. They are very fast sheep.

Besides caring for the masters, we raise heirloom vegetables and big fat chickens. Our dog, Smitty, is an Australian Cattle Dog. Our cat, well, she’s 72 going on 64. Time is tight here, but at least one of us spins and dyes, yes, Gulf Coast yarns. They are for sale at the dovesroost etsy shop.


Now, Dove’s Roost has grown. Holly & Sally have passed on. They left us with broken hearts and a flock of their best genetic efforts. We now have 17 ewes and 5 rams. They are all so darn beautiful.

Smitty is old now. He has trouble with his hips. His nose still works but, instead of running like a fiend, he barks.

Artie has passed on, too. She was 19 when she moved into the garden near the blueberries, her cypress coffin lined with silk scarves and toys. As soon, I mean As Soon, as she departed, there was another cat, Millie Bea, who came to stay. She was a barn cat. And then, she wasn’t. She loved being a momma. We have 13 cats right now. Most of them are Millie’s kids. One moved down here with Robin, the other showed up in a rainstorm.

But chickens? Yeah, we still have chickens. And they are real pros…at hiding their eggs.

5 thoughts on “Dove’s Roost Farm

  1. I’m going to be working with a breeder of Gulf Coast sheep locally in SC to help produce products from his fleece since neither he or his wife do any fiber crafts. I spin, felt, rug hook, knit, crochet, and am a beginning weaver and have been working with various sheep breeds for 7 years. I haven’t worked with GC before, but have worked with Tunis, several Welsh sheep breeds, Shetland, Lincoln, Karkul, Navajo Churro and Jacob. I have been web searching for more information on GC and see that it is spins well. What kinds of yarns are you spinning from it? Could I get lace weight for shawls, sock yarns, or would it be better for sports or worsted weight yarns? Can it be left as singles or is it better as 2 ply? How feltable is it? Can it be wet felted or is is better to just needle felt it? I’m going to try rug hooking with it. I am hooking with unspun fleece and want to see how it does for projects. Do you know of anyone weaving with it? I have seen some mention of it being made into blankets. Any information on your experiences with GC would be great. My email is Vickey Brickle-Macky, Cayce, SC.

  2. Hello, do you have any color (black or brown) Gulf Coast Native lambs or sheep for sale? Thanks, Felicia Bell

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