Back to the Border


50 g of Border Leicester Roving/50 g of Locks

I had an emergency request for a knit for which I need 100 g of fine BL singles. Soooo, this morning, I weighed out 50 g, carded and pulled it into roving, and weighed out 50 g more. Artie, the Muse, decided (right after this pic was snapped) that the ol’ fuzz box would make a fine bed. I caught her kneading away, purring to high heaven. Knowing just how fast Artie can make felt, I lifted her out and asked her to please find another fuzzy thing to knead. I closed the box and put it on the table in my studio. A while later, I walked back into the room, and there was Artie, lying on the box, one paw draped over the edge…with a “MINE” face on.


25 g of BL on Bobbin

I finally dared to interrupt her proprietary dreams, and set about spinning the yarn I need. Here is the first 25 g.

Ravelry Strikes Again: New Shetland Yarn for SKP


And then, I found this group on Ravelry…

This Group is SKP…the Sock Knitters Pentathalon International…a group of passionate, talented knitters who will knit 5 pairs of socks over the course of the year. The first challenge was posted a while back…the 1st of February…and I am well behind. Even more behind than usual, as I’ve decided to spin my yarns. Many of the knitters are posing challenges for themselves within the challenge.

So here it is…the first leg of my challenge…a few ounces of 2 ply Shetland…which, I must add, matches my hair exACTly. The Shetland has its own story, but let it suffice to say that this is the remains of an 8oz bag of roving that I won in le tour de fleece a couple years ago. I made one pair of gansey socks from 60 g of this wool. And nearly wore them out.

This yarn measures 26wpi, is very soft, and beautiful. I will be knitting toes and heels with a contrasting yarn…in all likelihood a Border Leicester 2 ply. This will give me the added strength that I want. The sock pattern is a fine gansey. I believe this yarn will suit the sock perfectly.

Lovely, n’est-ce pas?