Sheepess – es


Annie Giving me the Eye

She caught me. She caught me out on the deck taking pictures of some socks I’d just finished knitting. And I used some CVM/Romney fleece for the yarn. She seems to be saying, “How dare you?”


The Offending Socks


“Not Again, Maaa”

Later on, as I was taking pictures of her pregnant cousin Mary, Annie inserted herself into the frame. She looked so hurt that I was showing attention to everyone and everything but…Annie. My little darlin’ girl. Most human of my sheeps. Annie.


“Look at ME, Maaa!”

If you don’t believe me, look at this. After taking that last picture, I turned to get another shot of Mary. Annie came between us, and got right in my face. “Maaa. I’M your girl.”

Yes, Annie, you most definitely are my girl. Mmmwhhaaa!

Ooo la la


French Apple Tart Pie

This was my first French Apple Tart based on the recipe in Baking with Julia – for the Tuesdays with Dorie group. Instead of a ton of applesaucey filling, I opened a jar of Apple Pecan Honey Conserve and spread that on the crust before adding the roasted apples. And, for the record, I let those apples get good and caramelized before taking them out of the oven. That roasted, gooey, apple mess was spread on top of the conserve, and the filling was then covered in apple slices.

What do I think? Well, let’s just say this: Tom said, “This is the best apple pie you’ve ever made!” And that’s saying something, as his favorite food group is, well, Apple Pie, and I’ve become pretty darn adept at Apple Pie Making.

The conserve adds a dimension that – well, it’s just insane. That deep dark velvety mouthfeel of the honeyed apples and pecans underneath the sweet, light textured caramelized apple layer is over the top.

I wondered if it was a fluke. You know. Sometimes things work out grandly. Once. Never to be replicated. So, I made another one.

The second time, I used a jar of the conserve as the base again, but I made twice as much of the apple filling, and used more apple slices for the rosette. Man. This tart just gets better and better. The apples reduce A Lot when they’re roasted, and starting with more ensured that the apple layer was substantial. And so good.

So, okay, it’s a French Apple Tart. Of sorts. But around here, I think we’re gonna call it a French Apple Pie.

Maryternity Ward



This picture doesn’t show the girth of my big girl. Her body is changin’ and so is her personality. Where once Mary was bossy and skittish, now she is bossy and affectionate. She is asking for rubs – her face and neck and back. She has been allowing me to feel her belly – and get kicked by the occupant. All very cool.


Big Mary

Wasn’t all that long ago Mary weighed 8 pounds. She’s a year and a half, and off to the races. Very healthy. Very active. Very loud. We can’t wait.


Beneath the Tail

I’m sure she would cringe if she knew that thousands of people on Facebook have already seen her underments. But, maybe not. So far, she’s accepting her newly developed bounteousness with as much grace as any great big ol’ sheepess might.

This was an unplanned pregnancy, by the way. She and her Ma got through the fence and paid a visit to the rams. And dang, we thought we got everyone separated pretty fast. Oh well. We shall see what we shall see.