Selling Isolde

Isolde ~ 34 String Celtic Harp ~ For Sale

Isolde from the Back

I have to sell her. It’s been years since I’ve played her. I play fiddle now. So Isolde is languishing in a corner. And, I just can’t look at her settled in to a silent life. This is a lovely harp, built by James Rydecki in the mid 80s. I’m the original owner. She moved with me from Santa Barbara to Florida. Now, she needs to go to a new home, with someone who will touch her every day. I ordered a set of strings – Dragonwhispers, and replaced a few. Surprisingly, most of the old strings are fine. So, I have a partial set of brand new replacement strings to go along with her. And a tuning key of course. The harp is walnut and spruce, with an iris and Celtic knot design on the soundboard that is original to the instrument. She is a 34 string harp with F & C levers.

If you are interested in buying Isolde, please drop me a note at or leave a comment with your contact info.

Tour de Fleece – Day 12 thru 16

Artie Picked Locks!

Well, she didn’t actually pick them. Artemis, our crone Kitty, knows a good thing. I spent hours picking cedar tree needles out of this GCN, and she said – “SOFT!” She’s right. Now, I have to spin it. This is going on to the same bobbin. Same bobbin of laceweight singles. In other words…the never ending bobbin. 14,000 yards at least by now. I’ve been spinning every day, I HAVE! Really! Just wasn’t worth taking a picture showing yet one more micron of fiber. HA!

Tomorrow is a rest day. I’m undecided. Maybe I’ll take it. Maybe not. We shall see. I’ll tell you one thing, though. When this bobbin is filled…I’m gonna spin a big fat colorful yarn. Oh yeah.

Tour de Fleece – Day 10 & Day 11

Alpaga 374

As all you Tour de France junkies know, there are 2 rest days scheduled in every race. This year, the rest days are the 11th and 18th of July. Those of us spinning the Tour de Fleece take the same days off. I used yesterday to organize, reorganize, put away piles of fiber I’d “thought about” spinning, and pulled out others I am going to spin. And like all days off…well…in my world, there’s no such thing. So…by this afternoon, I have a skein to offer. Part of my cape project. Another 5.75 oz…374 yards on the nose. Worsted seems so fast to spin after days of eeny weeny singles!

Listening to Nixon in China (John Adams) 1987 Nonesuch. Whoo hooo!

Tour de Fleece – Day 7

Gulf Coast Native “Holly” Singles

The current goal is to complete a comparison of the three senior flock members: Sally & Holly the twins – 3 year old ewes, and Sammy our year and a half old ram. Sally is done. Now, Holly. The fleece I’m spinning is so fine, I can’t believe it’s her! This is fleece from down near her belly…stuff that fussier skirters might chuck, due to dirt and VM. But, that ol fleece cleaned up white as snow in 3 shampooings. Yes. I used my shampoo. Look at that! Anyway…I gotta get offline so I can spin some more tonight!

Tour de Fleece – Day 5


Grease Singles – Gulf Coast Native “Sally”

Two-ply “Sally” and the Sweater Begin Knit from Her

First…notice what a difference in light does! The interior flash reveals something very interesting. Many spinners are used to spinning prepared squeaky clean fiber. But there are still a few who know about spinning “in the grease.” This particular yarn is being spun in the grease. The fleece is cold scoured – soaked with enough wool wash to get the crud out but not the lanolin. Then spun into a “firm” singles. The yarn is not fuzzy, but spinning is fast. After the yarn has been plied, it will be washed…and it will bloom and soften. This type of spinning is a treat for tired old hands. Lanolin is such a treat!

The sweater, Katie Himmelberg’s Eco Vest, is a project I started last winter. Can you tell how yummy the knit is? Mmm mmm. Eventually, I’ll finish enough yarn for this. The skein I spun today is 168 yards, and 3 1/4 oz. Not quite enough to polish off this knitting!

Next TDF challenge is to spin a skein of both “Holly” and “Sammy.” I am itching to experience the difference between these senior members of the flock. Sammy’s fleece is really something…I’m saving it for last. Next up is Holly, whose fleece I’m spinning clean, as a laceweight 2-ply.

See ya tomorrow!