Florida Buttercup Meets GC Ewe

This dye job was a complete surprise. About a month ago, the fields were just full of masses of a tall weed with teeny yellow blossoms. The golden fields were too pretty to cut. At the end of their blooming, I decided to throw some in a dye pot to see what would happen. This intense cinnabar green is what happened. A dusky yellow verging on green. Oh Yum!

Here’s the start of something good…I’m thinking a fine 2-ply would be just the ticket. And what’s left will get spun into some bulky wacky hat yarn!

Autumn Yarn

“Autumn” – 2-Ply Bulky Naturally Dyed Gulf Coast Native

Here’s a sweet skein of yarn. This is destined for a hat kit. I’ve been tweaking the “Ray’s Hat” pattern. It looks great on all kinds of heads. This yarn is spun from Gulf Coast fleece dyed with roselle, basil, cosmos, coreopsis, and some natural brown is in there too. This will be an amazing hat.

Ray’s Hat

Ray’s Hat

The task was to knit a fast, easy hat from a typical skein of chunky handspun. This started off as a gauge swatch for a sweater being commissioned from a yarn I spun last April (Ray’s). Of that skein, this hat took about 60 yards and 2 hours on size 9 needles.