2nd Skein o Greeny-Blue Comin’

H choices.jpg

Which Yarn for Sock “H”?

Help me pick. See the beads? Which evah yarn I choose will be decorated with 128 of those beads. The araucanish yarn…of which I have another singles bobbin and a half…brings out the blue in the beads. The more neutral yarn brings out the silvery slateness.

I just don’t know about it.

Waiting for the Second Sock to Drop

easter egg dye job.jpg

Easter Egg Dye, Food Colors from India, and Time

My word. Waiting for this second pattern is killing me. I have my normal spinning load, but I’ve been enchanted by this sock knitting challenge. Now, a thousand souls have finished knitting sock #1. We are now getting teamed up and will be surprised by sock #2 any time now. So, while we wait…in my spare moments, I’m keeping a pot on the back of the stove. Cha cha cha.

SKA MOCK March ’16 – BeautyBerry


Dove’s Roost GCN Laceweight – Sally

Sock Knitters Anonymous – Sockdown for March is about cables. “BeautyBerry” is a mystery sock by Claire Ellen, with clues being released once a week. So far, 2 clues have come out. The cuff is the first.

SPOILER ALERT! Sorry about the wretched photo below. That’s a midnight pic, taken on my lap, with a flash. Can’t see the cool little cables. Or the yarn. Or much else. Gah.

beautyberry cuff.jpg

Spoiler! Cuff of Sock 1

Now, Andi, of 10,000 Stitches Rav group and podcast is also working on cables in March and April. So. I’ll post updates in her group too.

This is going to be a catch as catch can sock, because soon, all too soon, not soon enough, Sock Madness Sock 2 will drop…and that will be that. All she wrote. Et cetera.

For now, though…a little cabling and bobbling. Cha cha cha.




Slip Stripe Spiral – Check!

Sock and lily.jpg

Lily, checking out the quality

Lily contributed her fleece to make that pale grey/blue yarn. It was actually dunked in an exhausted indigo vat, so it is a variegated pale blue.

Sock 1 SM!).jpg

The “regulation” photo

Bright sun more or less washes the color out. These socks are very bright and cheery!

sock one sm10.jpg

Socks on mah feets in the hay

Hay is what makes the fleece grow. There you are. Cha cha cha.

Home Stretch

march 6 75percent sm10.jpg

The 75% Solution

Feeling good about this pair now, boy oh boy. Finished the Japanese short row heel #2, and ram o ram, that feels good. This pattern is by Mylene P for Sock Madness 10 on Ravelry. Fab. Fab. Fab. Can’t wait for the second pattern to drop.

As soon as this pair is done, and submitted, I’m making an apple pie to celebrate. There you go, Tom. And as soon as the pie is done, I’m spinning up a braid of BFL top all turquoises and browns. Mmmm.

Let’s hear it for healthy lambesses, good quiche, manchego cheese, and Sock Madness!