Van Gogh’s Blue Jeans

If Vincent wore jeans, they’d be in the state of paint. You know it. Passionate painter that he was, I doubt he was immaculate in his work clothes. But, you never know. In my imagination, he’s as bad as me, wiping his fingers on his thighs after touching up a stroke. Any way, I named this skein for Vincent. Van Gogh’s Blue Jeans. It’s part of the Dove’s Roost Yarns Impressionist Fall Series. 2.4 oz of 100% Gulf Coast Native spun into 266 yards of a soft fingering weight 2-ply.

Dove’s Roost Etsy Listing – Van Gogh’s Blue Jeans


van gogh’s blue jeans


It’s that time of year. Clearin’ out the weeds and prickly pear – which grows into giant mounds that have to be dug out. Time to plant some winter grasses – rye at least, so the sheep have some thing green on their salad plates this winter. Tom has been the hero, doin’ the bush-hoggin’ and diggin’ and rakin’. My contribution was pickin’ up some chopped dog fennel, getting prickers in my fingers, and takin’ some pictures. Here’s one of my favorites…Ol’ Smitty boy, Fergie the tractor, and Raymond, who found the cart full of weeds and cactus, well, just irresistible.


the boys having a fun afternoon

Jam Baby Jam is Ready to Order – Now!

It’s jam season! Jam Baby Jam is rollin’ out the jars. Snag it now, while you can!

Buy by the case. Each case has 12 jars of the most fabulous fresh homemade jam you’ll ever eat. This jam is made from organic fruit, cane sugar, and sometimes, fresh pressed ginger juice.

Cases are a mixture of up to 3 varieties: Pear Ginger, Peach Plum Ginger, and Orange Ginger Marmalade OR Nectarine Lime (seasonally).

Mix and Match. Order one, two, or all three varieties in your case.

$100/case. Shipping is free from Florida within the continental USA.Turnaround is 3 – 5 days from receipt of your payment. Paypal (to or check to North Florida Craftworks, 459 SE 57th Court Rd, Trenton, FL 32693

pears of sand jam