Post-Matthew Farm Update


Jaanet – Gettin’ Big!

Since the last update, there have been several changes! Yes, Jaanet is gettin’ big. She has beautiful Perkins characteristics — ooooh that fleece! She’s sharing the pastures with seven other sheep; a dozen have gone, temporarily, to a friend’s farm for “grass camp” so that our pastures can be regrown.

While the grass grows, Elle has been working on illustrations for The Adventures of Curly Lumpkin. What began, 5 years ago, as a 35000 word novel, is turning into a series of illustrated books. I hesitate to use the word “children’s” in reference to the Curly stories. They fit all of us.

Also, we have a few active “adoptions” this year. These are part of our CSA, and allow us to buy things like grass seed and any extra special care the flock needs. We’re making every effort to send out monthly updates and fleece samples to our CSA participants this year. So far, so good.

And speaking of good, we had no problems at all with Hurricane Matthew this week. He roared along the east coast of the state, and although we got a bit of rain, we didn’t lose power for one single second. The sheep divided their rainy time between the sky blue barn and the pasture…and all are just fine!

Thanks, every body, for your continuing support – moral and otherwise!! HA!

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