Sally’s Fleece

sally fleece

Sally’s Fleece, Unwrapped

After a bit more skirting, her fleece weighs in at 3 lbs. Looks very oatmealy in color here, but it washes out very very light. I have 1/2 of the fleece soaking in a tub on my porch.

sally fleece2

Here’s a close-up of the fiber. Nothing nicer than running your hands through this lanolin saturated stuff. So delicious.

A Summer Wool, Anyone?


Gulf Coast Sock Yarn Blend

Here’s a 4 oz knob of a blend of GC, bamboo, and, I think, silk. This was a gift from a gal who is trying very hard to move to this area. She was attempting to come up with a sock yarn for Florida using her wool. I am finding it easier to spin than knit. And, boy, do I need to get knitting. It has been hotter than the hinges of hell…and I’ve been finishing a big oak dais outside, wearing a rubber mask, and boy oh boy…am I a miserable beech when I’m sweating to death. So…I haven’t started the knitting projects.

Back to Reggie


Reggie, Combed

I just can’t get my stuff in one sock. I’ll tell ya. I want to wash fleece, but I am bouncing around like crazy. Back from Cocoa (where we played a dance) at 3:30 in the morning. To bed by 4:30. AM. Then it was take care of critters and gardens. Now, it’s pack the instruments in the truck and zip off to Gainesville to play another dance. This is all I could get done. Clean fiber…just needed combing. I started a yarn the other day. May as well add to it, yes?

Ever Get a DWS?


Spindlespun GC and GC Blend

Driving while spindling.  Well, no, I didn’t either. But then, I wasn’t doing both things at the same time. This was a road trip yarn. I’m not in love with this GC blend. Lends itself to lumps and knobs…it really drafts awfully. Ah well, it was a gift. Maybe if I prep the roving it will spin better. Pre-drafting is a good thing.

Mayday Alpaca!


Alpaca – “Reggie”

Spin a yarn a day. Here. This is from Reggie’s blanket. Yes, it feels as good as it looks. 

I’m getting to the point of actually having clear decks around here. May is an incredibly busy month here…and I have big fiber goals, as well as big music committments, and a giant deal with our gardens. I’m currently making an attempt to spin all the ends of projects…dribs and drabs of clean fiber…so that I can get to some serious fleece washing, dyeing, and spinning.

Over the summer, I’ll be making Tom’s Christmas present – ahem – from last year. We’ve been working on a design off and on since forever. I need to write out the pattern, swatch, and get spinning. The dark brown CVM/Romney “Gracie” fleece is dedicated to that end.

Then, there is “All Wrapped up in Natural Fibers” that has a May 20 deadline. I need to write a pattern – some sort of scarf. I’ve made several samples, for gauge swatching. But, now, we’re gonna get serious. I’ll be using Holly’s and/or Sally’s hogget fleece.

Okay. I also have made a promise to a designer to churn out a sample for her. I’ve spun the yarn, cast on, and found myself too busy. I have to make time for that too.

You see where I’m going with this? Yes…I need clear decks. That’s what today’s spinning is about. Chipping away at fiber mountain. If I can scale ‘er, heck, I’m not concerned with making the summit…but I would like to be able to see the sky again!