10 Days Early

Freshly Borned

Holly & Babes

After Breakfast

Alrighty then. All the worrying over Holly’s pregnancy is over & done. She is the proud, and very happy mama, of twins…a boy and a girl. Best mama ever. She loves to be a mama. You should hear her talk to her lambs. Oh, sweetness.  So, there you have it. Pretty darn good, huh?

And for the record…here’s a pic of their cousins, Annie & Rosie on the pasture this morning. They were born Feb 10, and look at those little horns!

Annie & Rosie

Oh, and for the record, everyone was SO happy about this morning’s birth…look at this henny swinging in a basket!


Yep, that’s what she was saying.

Ending le Tour de Fleece with Someone New…

Sam the Ram Lamb and his new Pal Sal

Today, Martha and Randall drove down from SoGa with the best present in the world. A ram lamb for our sheepesses. He’s part Perkins, like our girls, but separated pretty far on that family tree. He was born in January, and has the curliest fleece…and a topknot…and horns!  Oh Martha! You are such a peach! Thank you. Look at Sally’s face. I mean…look at that expression. They were all skittish at first and chased and ran and baaaaaed…but now…well…here are some more pictures…

Smiling Sally

You can’t tell me she isn’t grinning.

Learning the Ropes

Sam’s orientation included tours of Dove’s Roost by both Sally and Holly. It’s very interesting to see this. Sally and Holly are 2 yr old twins who, I swear, haven’t been more than 20 feet apart since they were born.

Peas in a Pod

So, all of a sudden, we have affectionate sheepesses…they seem to be saying…”Can we keep him? Please?” Just adorable.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with le Tour de Fleece, well…it’s called planning ahead…he’s my challenge for next year!