Aestlight – Unblocked

In preparation for the annual spin challenge…le Tour de Fleece…I decided to purge the stash of commercial yarns. I found one skein. Schaefer Anne, 560 yards of fingering weight merino/mohair in a sage/slate/tan colorway. Almost camouflage. Nope…no camo sox for me.

So…I searched hi and lo for a pattern that would “use ‘er up.” Gudrun Johnston’s (shetlandtrader design) shawl pattern, Aestlight, fit the bill. Fast knit…all garter stitch…great! This is a lovely little shawl…a terrific scarf! Blocked, it’ll grow some, for sure.

Amazingly, although my intent was to use up that 560 yards of stuff that I neither spun nor dyed…but…still have quite a nice little ball left. Magic yarn, I say.

At any rate, the decks are cleared. I have a couple days left to prep fiber…shake it out…wash it…ready set…I’m planning to spin enough Gracie (scroll down for a look) to finish Tom’s 2010 Christmas present. Yes, I know. I also have 3 Gulf Coast fleeces to prep for spinning. So…look for more pics real soon. The Tour de Fleece starts July 3 and runs along with le Tour de France. I’m on a team this year…Team Hopelessly Overcommitted. What can I say?