Kinda big picture, eh? But, I wanted to show the string. The green and brown blended cotton. Handsome stuff, this singles yarn. I love that the colors are muted versions of those of my grandmothers wicker chair.

First skein of cotton yarn

Oh HA! Lookit! My first skein of Peruvian Brown cotton. This is 2 cotton bolls worth of string. I spun it on my favorite old handspindle. I’m sure it would be considered awfully heavy for this project. This works out to about 4 yards of 2-ply, 15 wpi. Not having spun cotton before, I was in for a treat. The fiber is very short, and seems to want to unspin at the drop of a hat. It’s seriously delightful stuff!

Up a cotton plant


This little ol’ tree frog found an odd place to sleep. This was one of those 6:30 AM just gettin’ light and the mist is still twisting in the pines kind of morning. I had just fed the chickens, and was checking to see if any of the green cotton bolls had popped. And there he was.

For the record…I picked my first green cotton today. It’s REALLY green. Gorgeous.