Where did the Year Go?

Today is the last day of the second month of 2019. Okay okay. Where did 2018 go? Not too sure about that. Lost in a sauce of politics and French mystery novels.

Being the end of the month, the month we start seeds and prep the garden and work on fleeces because, lawdy lawdy, the shearer is coming in a couple months, I started a new FSM tub. Hey now! Three fleeces in one tub! WOOT!


One – a no-name, ram, obviously the end of a fleece parted out for sale in ounces a year ago; two, literally the tail end of a very old fleece; and three, Mia’s 2015 yearling fleece in all its gawjustness. Oh I’ll bet she turned into a beautiful ewe. Hope the new owners appreciate her.


FSM Tub with Mia on Top

Here’s to this year of the Curly Lumpkin clan!