Hot Enough to Knit!

Well, here’s the deal. The thermometer on the deck has read 96+ for the past two weeks during the day. We feed the critters, turn on the ol’ irrigation, and run for the house. Summer’s the best time for this ol’ bird to make art. Yeah, yeah, I know it isn’t officially summer yet. Tell that to my pole beans.

Here’s a little bit of fiber:

This is a 2-ply yarn of merino, alpaca, and rabbit. All fiber was dyed in the lock. Soft and lush. Mmm.

And this?

These are Gulf Coast Native blend rolags. I’ve decided to list ready-to-spin fiber on Dove’s Roost (etsy store). The darkest chocolate CVM/Romney, creamy Gulf Coast Native, some of that lavender bunny, some blue alpaca…well…this stuff is fun to spin.

On a farmy note…the lambs are as big as their parents now…Curly is still getting a bottle, because Tom lurvs to feed him…and Bing is still nursing a little, so Sally is a skinny bonz.

OH! Wait a minute…there’s something else you need to see!

Black Betty”s settin’ on 4 eggs…and we’ve been counting down…and we’re down to…5 more days! Should start hatching on June 11th.

On the music front…we played at the 59th Florida Folk Festival on Memorial Day Weekend, and had a totally wonderful reception…and a blast and a half, to boot. Played in Lake City, Florida on Saturday…and last night at the Gainesville Old-Time Dance Society (GODS) contra dance with a 2nd fiddler under the name Hot Potatoes. Flying Turtles String Band is having some fun this summer!

Kind of a crackpot update…but, it’s time, isn’t it?

sweater & socks. soon.

This yarn, all 1200 yards of 2-ply Gulf Coast Native that I spindlespun from a Running Moon Farm fleece, was meant to be Tom’s sweater last winter. However, along came another fleece, a flock mate, if you please, and well, the color was just perfect for him…and I started to analyze the yarn, and looked back at all the samples I’d knit…and, of course, there was something to be desired. Soooooo, I decided…to start spinning again.

I’ve been bad, kids. I have spun one spindleful. Had the best of intentions, I really did. But summer came and that was that. The gardens just suck up the ol’ time. And now, I look at the calendar, and it’s going on the end of August. And, well, Christmas is just around the corner, isn’t it? 


This is the stuff. Here’s my one measly spindleful. It’s lovely, it really is.

I just have to look at it with a fair amount of focus. The stuff is soft, and so brown, such a luscious chocolate brown…how can I resist. Tom is going to be just thrilled come the cold weather. And boy will he look great!

Ok, then. I’m ready. Starting, say, tomorrow. After the rest of the peas are planted. Ahem.


This, well, this is some delightful stuff. This was a gift from a spinner who is moving to this neck of the woods. She loves to blend fiber. This roving is Gulf Coast lamb, bamboo, silk, and kid mohair.

I thought, shoot, this would be awesome dyed with Virginia creeper. Then I thought…aw, wait for the woad. Then I thought, look at the sheen of the natural fiber – it’s kind gorgeous just the way it is.

It’s still roving. Some one of these days, it will be socks. For me. Dyed. Or not.