Red Hot Diamondbacks




One down and one to go. Used more than half of the handspun…but there was quite a bit of singles yarn (orange) left on one bobbin. I wound it off and weighed it…and I’m 2g over what I need. Phew.


side remember sock.jpg

Another HO.

This is the 2nd stage TdS ’16 sock. I Love It. Really cushy. Halfway done with its mate.

remember front leg 1.jpg

Front of the Remember Sock

remember back leg 1.jpg

Back of the Remember Sock




Dove’s Roost Ragg for Socks

Here’s 340 yards of gawjus soft marled yarn. One ply is tawny alpaca; one ply is Gulf Coast Native. Since March, I’ve been a sock-knitting fool, turning out several pair for Sock Madness’ Team Kweechah Knotweed, and now for Tour de Sock’s Team Cool yer Heels. This yarn is for Stage Two of Tour de Sock, a lurvley cabley design which I’ll happily brag about lateron.



Passiflora Cave

Bisco was standing in this little cave of adorableness when he snagged my attention. Can you see the passion fruit?


Big enough for fairies, and cats


Flowers for the vase and for dyeing

border flowers.jpg

Another view, with oregano

tomato nests.jpg

Tomato nests



Bisco, my deary, who loves to go on walks


Mothersday is Here

dolly's muumuu socks.jpg

Sock Madness Round #4 – Sweet Nuttins

Well, when the shearer came, that was it. Two days of sheep rodeo and I was out of the running. It’s okay. I’m almost done with these beauties, and I’ll knit along on the sidelines. The round officially ends on Thursday, the 12th, but my team is a fast team and the first 20 slots filled up right quick. I couldn’t catch up to save my skin.

Beads, cables, and lace, and all done up in Sally’s fleece spun into a fine fingering weight and dyed carrrrazily. Looks like we have made an accidentally self-striping yarn. Hm. Wild. At any rate. I am not dead. But fell ill with some mean-ass bug after the shearing. I did manage to try to get the fleece dried before I collapsed into a heap. We had a downpour that leveled us all…and yea, we had a crowd. Sheep soaked. Fleeces soaked. Shearers soaked. Mats soaked. Good Lawd.

Could be worse. He might not have come til the end of June!

Dyeing Sock Yarn-to-Be

So, this was a Sunday of r & r. We had a nice Saturday afternoon, our string band playing in the park in High Springs during their Pioneer Days celebration. Being old farts, we were tuckered out today.

Sock Madness is in no way over. We’re knitting a “bonus round” this week, with the moderators getting some much deserved rest, and knitters under no guns at all. There are 4 rounds left. I will be amazed if I survive the next. All the same, I plan on knitting all the SM10 socks whether or not I am bumped from the competition. So, I just plain need more sock yarn.

That’s where this spate of dyeing comes in. I have tons of food dye, and I’m not afraid to use it. Many colors. American, Mexican, Indian. I figure…I have to wash fiber ANYway, why not fool with it?

So I dug out a bag of mohair (for blending to make strong toes and heels) and some Raymond, and some alpaca, and some light and dark grey/brown Gulf Coast from Louisiana, and had at it. Some of the Raymond fiber was already carded into batts. Some of the fiber was already washed. And all of it dyed up just great.

I’ll make 50:50 minis with the GC and mohair. The rest (GC or GC/alpaca) will be spun pure.

limey socks.jpg

Spring Green – GC Raymond Batt and Mohair

berry parfait socks.jpg

Berry Parfait – GC Raymond Batt and Mohair

red hot socks.jpg

Red Hots – GC Raymond Batts, Black and Tan Alpaca, and Mohair Locks

coralish socks.jpg

Red Sky in Morning – GC Raymond (overdyed sandalwood) and Amber Batts and Mohair

Remus on the locks.jpg

Remus Holding Down the Morning Sky Locks – GC Raymond and Mohair

Geege on the locks.jpg

Gigi Having a Lie Down on GCNI Amber Dyed Yellow