Coming Out Party

Guess Who?

Annie, Rosie, and Sam

Yep, Sammy came out onto the big pasture today. First day since his trauma. You can how his horn is twisted down (the one in shadow). Today, he was on top of the world. Came out of the corral kicking and hopping like a lamb. So, we said, “Okay. Let’s try it.”

Chipping away at the Eco Vest

Cabley Knitting and Freshly Spun 2-ply Sally

Wouldn’t you know I would run out of yarn when I got to the armholes? Ha! Oh, I knew there wasn’t enough, it’s just I’d finally gotten back into the rhythm of cabling. Knit & Purl & a Prong to the Back & Knit & Knit from the Back & a Prong to the Front & Knit & Knit from the Front & Purl & Knit & on & on & on & on. So, I was sort of bummed when I had to card card card and spin spin spin to match the worsted weight springy Sally yarn.

So, now I need to make a center pull ball and get back to Knit & Purl & a Prong to the Back…