Seriously, it is Too Hot to Bake today?

Oh, in the house it is cool and lovely. Windows are open. Sun is right smack overhead. But as the world turns, the sun’s rays slay us, penetrating the western window, heating the skin of this metal house, and making life bearable only with AC. So, do I bake today? Lawdy. Here’s how the sheep feel about being out in the sun:


Spin Span Spun Ram Lamb Hat


Hat knit from 2 strands of unspun Gulf Coast ram lamb with the occasional short flick of jet black alpaca. Size 8 circ and dpns were used. This was made for our 8 month old grandson who lives in RI.

This lamb’s fleece was still heavy with lanolin, sticky to work with. Lovely. Quite a bit of VM made the carding a slow process. Howard hand cards to the rescue.  The Fricke made the spinning a crazy fast enterprise. First, the rolags were predrafted into a very thin roving. Then, bobbin #1 was filled with a tightly spun single. Finally, the singles yarn was unspun evenly and rapidly. After knitting, the hat was given a cold water wash with Woolite. It is very soft and very thick with an elegant drape, and smells sweet now, not quite so cheesy rammy, but thankfully, it has retained a bit of the ram aroma.

The lamb fiber is from Laurie A of Silk Hope, the alpaca from Susan T of Dare to Dream Alpacas.

At the dog fennel store on this rainy morning



They won’t let me touch ’em, but they come runnin’ for a treat. And dog fennel…oooh baby, that’s one of their favorite weeds. Look at those lips go!





Here you can see Holly’s new bump. When she knocked off that little horn, we freaked! But Margrett pulled us out of the panic mode in about 1 minute. On the bright side, it’s really easy to tell the girls apart, now.

sweater & socks. soon.

This yarn, all 1200 yards of 2-ply Gulf Coast Native that I spindlespun from a Running Moon Farm fleece, was meant to be Tom’s sweater last winter. However, along came another fleece, a flock mate, if you please, and well, the color was just perfect for him…and I started to analyze the yarn, and looked back at all the samples I’d knit…and, of course, there was something to be desired. Soooooo, I decided…to start spinning again.

I’ve been bad, kids. I have spun one spindleful. Had the best of intentions, I really did. But summer came and that was that. The gardens just suck up the ol’ time. And now, I look at the calendar, and it’s going on the end of August. And, well, Christmas is just around the corner, isn’t it? 


This is the stuff. Here’s my one measly spindleful. It’s lovely, it really is.

I just have to look at it with a fair amount of focus. The stuff is soft, and so brown, such a luscious chocolate brown…how can I resist. Tom is going to be just thrilled come the cold weather. And boy will he look great!

Ok, then. I’m ready. Starting, say, tomorrow. After the rest of the peas are planted. Ahem.


This, well, this is some delightful stuff. This was a gift from a spinner who is moving to this neck of the woods. She loves to blend fiber. This roving is Gulf Coast lamb, bamboo, silk, and kid mohair.

I thought, shoot, this would be awesome dyed with Virginia creeper. Then I thought…aw, wait for the woad. Then I thought, look at the sheen of the natural fiber – it’s kind gorgeous just the way it is.

It’s still roving. Some one of these days, it will be socks. For me. Dyed. Or not.

fuzzy rumpuses

Today, it rained. Yesterday, it rained. It’s been raining a lot. The girls like to stand in the rain sometimes, or lay down under the trees, and sometimes they go into their barn and hang out. When their fleece is wet, it parts down the middle. Today, I noticed that their fleece is about 3 1/2 inches long. For being born on April 24, and living in a climate like this…90 degree weather and all…I am just amazed.