Not Plain Vanilla


Stone – Westerly Blue
GCN Natural Cream, Natural Grey, and Indigo Dyed

Been awhile since I’ve spun anything except plain vanilla yarn. SE2SE is romping along, and I’ve been shipping fleeces, batts, and skeins of yarn. Plain vanilla 2-ply worsted weight yarn. Every day, I walk past a bin with alternatives. Madder dyed batts. Indigo dyed locks. Sandalwood dyed locks. Natural grey GCNI. I just couldn’t stand it. So, in between carding big soft floofy batts and packing pounds of raw fleece, I grabbed a fat pile of grey, and indigo, and some Sammas fleece I’d been saving for the day I would have a couple hours to spin for me. I looked at those colors. I saw, winking at me from my treasure filled china cabinet, this ol’ necklace I made when I was a teenager. Stones and shells from Misquamicut and my old dog Max’s tag.

The town I come from is known for it’s granite. It’s grey. It’s blue. Like this yarn.


Stone Singles
258 yards ~ 4 ounces
Gulf Coast Native 3 Ways

So this is more or less finished. Needs to be washed and set, but it’s done. I think, mmm, I think I’m going to spin more of this.

On the other hand, I am not slackin’ off on orders. If you ever wondered how long it takes to do this work, here’s a hint, I started carding these batts at the opening pitch of todays game between the Red Sox and the Royals. I finished at the last out! Here is Sammas carded into a baseball game’s worth of luscious batts:


GCN Sammas
3 batts ~ 4.02 ounces