26 degrees and we are hunkered down


Cold Mornin’ Sheep

cold morning sheeps.jpg


Okay okay, I walked down to check on the ladies and gentlemen, and those lambs were bein’ just adorable, snugged down into the hay that their momma’s were munchin’. So, I scooted my self back to the house and snagged the camera. And, as soon as I raised it to my eye, the lambs jumped up. Two took off. Leo is here in this shot, dead center, but, you can’t tell much about how dang adorable he is. What a charmer he’s gonna be!

Any hoo, here’s another shot, this one of my Teddy Bisco checkin’ out some yarn I’m knittin’.


Getting teddy's approval on the #2 yarn.jpg

A Gift – Merino Dyed with Red Peaches, Apricot Bark, Madder, and Weld

Happy Birthday, Dolly Boone

sock 1 done.jpg

First Socks o’ the Year

Today is my Mama’s birthday. She’d have been 103. I finished these socks today, and will always think of her when I wear them. Heck, I bought her a pair of Birkies in about 1985, and she never wore them out of the house. I discovered them in a box a couple years ago, and decided to wear them inside, myself. They’ve become my winter Birks, and they go out now; these socks will make a fine complement.

I know, I know, I know. This is not wool from my sheep! I know, already. This is ancient, and I believe, discontinued sock yarn called Sockotta. It’s from Italy. It’s a fakey fair isle patterned yarn, which I sorta do not like. So, I used a puckery rib pattern to eliminate the vast expanse of fakey fair isle. Ah well. And now, it’s time to check on the lambs again.

The sheep were all out in the blackberry patch after the great rains that fell this morning. The ewes and lambs acted as if nothing had happened. The rams were all huddled under their little roof. Such is life in these parts.

The Reason for Complaint

leo kay lily.jpg

L-R Leo, Kay and her Momma, Lily

A little bit ago, I heard the most plaintive grumbling coming from a sheep in the maternity pasture. Sounded, for the life of me, like a momma talking to her newborn, but louder.

Got some warm stuff on, grabbed my briar, and headed for the gate. I could see Rosie standing all by herself. She was the one makin’ a racket. Now, she had Leo quite a few days ago, so I knew she hadn’t just dropped a lamb.

Ah. There, by the walk-in gate, scooched down in the hay, Lily and her lamb Kayzoo and another little dude, Leo – Rosie’s Leo.

Of course, as soon as I pulled out my camera, Leo hopped up and turned to run to his maa. Still, I figure you might want a peek at the new babies. Couldn’t show you how big Fergus is gettin’. He was on the far side of the pasture with his maa, Annie.

Friday of Lamb Week

Leo & Rosie.jpg

Leo & Rosie

Went out there on this gray day to see if I could get a couple pictures of the new musketeers. Lookit this dude. Oh ram. He is a cutie pie. Big ol’ legs on him. Must weigh 7 pounds. He has little black horns sprouting already. Purty busy first day!



Fergus came running up to me. I like that in a ram. He’s a very neat little feller. Almost one week old! The eldest bebbie out there.


L-R Annie, Fergus, Lily, Kayzoo, Rosie, and Leo

Wish I could have gotten a clear shot at Kay’s face. She has a very unusual eye. Ringed in black with white lashes. Lily turned her around before I could snap one.

Don’t you wish you had a few lamby-pies?

Rosie ~ “It’s a Boy!”

Rosie N Leo Jan 7 2016.jpg

Rosie brought Leo into the world this morning

Rosie N Leo 1 7 16 no2.jpg

Rosie knows what to do, even with an audience!

Rosie N Leo no3.jpg

Rosie & Annie were Sally-Ma’s bottle babies, but they LOVE being mommas.

Rosie N Leo no4.jpg

“There. See his tail go craaaayzeee?”

Rosie N Leo no5.jpg

Leo has a black nose!

Rosies Bud yearling.jpg

Rosie’s Bud, lookin’ through the fence, was born a year ago.

Rosie's Bud born 2015.jpg

“I can’t believe my momma had another baby! I’m the baby!”