March Sheep



The ewes are penned overnight, and have their breakfast there. They were all chewing lustily, smiling at me – what a great picture! So, I ran in the house, snagged my camera, had to erase the card, and by the time I got back to the brunch…they’d finished off most of the hay and were more interested in finding “good stuff” that had fallen to the ground. Gah.


The Lineup

L-R: Holly, Mary, Dolly, Annie, Rosie. Out of frame on the left is Sally. Lily is hopping around at her own hay pile.


Jesse Watching Brunch

Actually, he stood on this side of the fence and had some hay while his sisters and aunts munched.


Holly & Dolly – Mama and Youngest Daughter

Holly & Dolly are still peas in a pod. Holly’s ready to lamb again, though, so it’ll be a misery for Dolly real soon. When Holly had Dolly & Raymond, Mary was brokenhearted. These days, though, even though Mary has her own little ol’ Lily, she and Dolly hang around with their maaa …


Eduardo & Lacey

Oh, and here’s a pic of a rooster whom I’ve yet to introduce. His name is Eduardo Santiago. He is a Black Minorca, terribly handsome, and quite fierce. He doesn’t like me going near “his” hennies, because I pick up their eggs. Oh well. He and Gouveia run parts of the Araucana flock. It’s a tough job being a roo. See the middle point of his hat? Yes it’s gone. Ow.

Farm Update

Annie & Rosie Hanging with Gramma in the Yard

“Practice” Grazing on the Mulch Pile

My little doll babies have doubled in weight in 2 weeks. Very happy, well adjusted, and sociable – with us and with the flock. Their big brother Curly Lumpkin lurves them and comes into the barn at night to hang around and eat hay and gaze upon them while they get their ba-bas.

Young BJ (Blackie Jr.) son of Blackie-Blackie and Black Betty

BJ and his brother BJ2 are about 4 months old and spittin images of their pop when he was a lad. One major difference…their legs are yellow, Blackie-Blackie and Black Betty both have greenish black legs.  Can’t wait to see them matured.

Lucky, a Young “Florida Bred” Roo

Lucky is the only roo we kept of the Breds hatched last summer. The rest went to freezer camp. Look at him, and you can see why. Even the roos of this cross have broad breasts. Lovely. Lovely chickens. Great layers, big & gentle, and look at this guy. Really pretty animals!

Hello 2012!

Dead of Winter Pasture

Dobie & Pearl

First of the Year in a Cloud

Oakey Tunnel

Lower Winter Pasture

Coco Papi & Teddy

Yeah, it’s 75 this Afternoon

So it’s 2012. Alright. Okay.

Pictures above were taken this afternoon. There’s a thin yellow sun, but the ol’ Olympus really didn’t care to share that fact. Looks just plain ol cloudy and raw. But…it’s not raw at all. Mid 70’s with a light offshore breeze. Not bad.

Some of the sheep are out on the pasture, finding anything green, maybe some hay on the hoof, blackberry leaves, I’m sure. Some of them are close in. Miss Holly and her lamb Mary are grazing the new rye around the gardens.

Chickens are all over creation. Charry Brown went to heaven this week, so the dynamic has changed. Up above, you see Coco Papi and Teddy. The 3rd Roosketeer, Buzzy, aka the House Roo, was, at the time of the photo, wooing Black Betty in the henhouse. Tried to get a shot but they balked. The Teeny Tinies were running around near the Hay House in the pasture. The Teenies are hunting near the sky blue barn.

I’m recording the weather for a conceptual knitting piece. Like a diary of color & texture. Not an original idea. There are a couple groups making scarves and quilts and what have you on Ravelry.

Bread of the day is Whole Wheat Molasses with Caraway Seed. Oh, you want a picture?

The Chicks at Dove’s Roost

Broody One and her first Chick

…and her second Chick

Black Betty Donating to Broody Two

Broody Three in the new Maternity Wing of the Coop

Dobie and Pearl Cuddling in the Sun

Dobie & Pearl

What do we have here? Three more broody hens, the first of which started collecting eggs on September 25. Broody One is setting on a variety of eggs, a couple more Black Betty (Australorps) eggs and half a dozen Buff O/RI Red eggs. Broody Two is on mostly Buff O eggs, and a Black Betty egg or two. Broody Three is on RI Red/Partridge Rock eggs – some bantam crosses. This is all very exciting. But our smiles are tempered with solemnity, as Charry Brown, our last RI Red Roo, is now in Sick Bay, the victim of a weird infection that has caused him to lose his mobility. He’s being attended by a couple of hennies who refuse to leave his side. The Buff O roos, Coco Poppy, Teddy, and Buzzy, have tried their hands at attacking and finishing off Charry, so we’re keeping him safe and letting him go in peace.

Dobie and Pearl are the two little hennies that hatched on the porch a few weeks ago. They’re inseparable, and have been befriended only by Lazarus, the teenaged Buff/Red roo who we revived. They are afraid of the big flocks of adults and the big flock of teenagers. Hopefully, they can fit in with some of the new hatchlings.

PS What glorious weather! The fall garden is almost all in, and almost all up! Life is good.

Day No. 8 at Mary’s House

Mary’s Guardians

Teddy, Checking my Credentials

Composed, Eight Days Old

Laughing at my Corny Joke

Well, I’ve given you a couple days off. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been falling madlier in love with this lambess, though. Anyway, thought I’d catch you up with a couple pictures taken this afternoon.

First off…here’s the typical scene…Holly & Mary hanging out doing mama – daughter things, and The Sentinels…Coco (front) and Teddy (back) ensuring peace in the barnyard. See, those dudes are her playbuddies…or playbutties, as the case may be. She practices butting those guys…and they take it! They act all offended and spin around…but they never threaten to peck her, or anything close to that. They are in loooooove with Mary.

Second picture shows what happens when an intruder invades The Space. This is Teddy…coming over to me, His Mom, and saying, “Step away from the baby, please.”

Third up…why, that would be Mary. Just plain Mary.

And the last picture shows her laughing. I mean. I had just put a fistful of peanut hay down for her mama, and I was making goo goo eyes and being silly and tickling her…so…she laughed. I swear. She said, “Haaaaaaaaaa!” No kidding!

Day 4 in Life o Mary (or Mother’s Day all Over)

Taking a Break while Mama Browses

First Field Trip – Up to the Woodpile

Giselle and her Brood – Half In, Half Out

Giselle, aka She Who Loves a Footbath, and Half her Brood

Well, it’s quite the wonderful wild Mother’s Day kinda ride around here!

From the top…Little ol’ Mary really likes Dog Fennel. Her mama and auntie loved dog fennel when they were lambs too. It’s tender and resiny. What do I know? This is also one of her favorite spots to sit outside the corral, while Holly grazes – right near her old knitting Gramma…uhhh, me.

In the 2nd picture, Holly decided to take Mary for a walk yesterday afternoon, up to the woodpile. It’s close to the house. She’s not taking any risks…going out into the open where a hawk or a fox might take an interest. Cool that the hennys come along for the walk. They do sort of follow the sheep around…which is perfect…keeps the bugs down, if you know what I mean.

Picture #3 shows the ol’ chicken tractor…the blue end cut from an old dance floor. Half the chicks are in and half are out with Giselle. This was taken right before the marauding roosters ran over to try to have their way with Giselle. Smitty and I shooed them off.

And in the 4th shot…Giselle is back in character. She’s the henny who had a foot problem a couple months ago. I took her in the house and bathed her feet and put medicine between her toes. Before she went all broody on us, she would come in the dog door and walk right into the bathroom and get in the sink…demanding to have her feet tended. Well…looks like this henny knows that if your feet feel good, your head feels good. Notice that great big chick? That is the ONLY one out of 14 who has this kind of size. Wouldn’t it be something if that were the only roo in the bunch?!