Shave ’em to Save em



the fleece o jaanet.jpg

The Fleece o Jaanet


Jaanet being sheared in 2018

Jaanet yarn.jpg

Jaanet’s fleece handspun into 1178 yards of 2-ply light worsted yarn

The Nature Conservancy is hosting a program called Shave ’em to Save ’em. Fiber producers like us who raise heritage breed sheep are selling to fiber artists who spin, knit or weave with a variety of breeds on the Conservation Priority List.

From their website:

How does it work?

  • Fiber Artists buy wool from rare breed Fiber Providers and get a “stamp” in their “passport.”
  • They earn items for completing projects.
  • They share pictures of their projects on Facebook and Ravelry.
  • The more breeds they use, the more “stamps” they collect, the more items they earn, the more wool the providers sell.”

    For the record, we raise Gulf Coast Native Sheep, not Romeldale, so don’t go gettin’ confused on me, okay?

    If you’d like to get involved as a fiber artist or as a fiber producer, the time is now!

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