Warshin’ Day


3 Skeins o Jaanet

Ten skeins o’ Jaanet warshed and set. One to go. My abilities to take closeups are limited. Lookit:


Verreh bad Closeup of Jaanet

On the other hand, pulled a ram fleece out of the suint bath, popped Teaben’s 2018 fleece into the suint bath. Found Jaanet’s 2017 fleece, and decided to hand warsh rather than FSM it. So warshed about 4 oz of Jaanet 2017. Pretty stuff, I’ll tell ya.

Tonight, after finishing the last skein of Jaanet 2018, I’ll be carding Mia 2015. She’s a very white, soft sheepess. I wish she still lived here. Her fleece was cleaned in the FSM, so it’s quite lanoliny, which is lurvley, but by the time I’m done spinning will need a hot water warsh.

Anyway, that is Sun Day here at the farmette in NoFla.

See ya later, bye! *wave wave*


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