Six Feet of Mia

After a weeklong soak in the FSM tub, pulled Mia’s fleece out and gave it a good rinse. This is what we have. Lanolin filled much less barnyardy yearling fleece. Today is a lovely day in the 60s, like me, after 2 frosty cold last days of winter here in NoFla. So nice to have a fleece to work on. With the sun today, Mia just might dry.


Closeup of this Little Girl Fleece

Now, don’t panic. This is still not “scoured.” I like spinning in the grease if I’m not blending. It’s really a lot easier on the hands. When this is finally spun and washed it will be much “whiter.”

Any hoo. This is the project of the week. There is still another fleece left in the FSM tub. He’s a dirty old man, so I’m leavin’ him to soak another few days. Not sure who’s goin’ in next. One of the biggies, I think.

Jaanet is just about all spun. Another night, maybe. Then her skeins will be washed and ready to knit. WHOO HOOO!

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