Monday of Bleak


Rams in upper pasture

Okay okay. It’s March. Today is mild but raw. Tomorrow night we’re into the 30s again. This after a couple weeks of 80 degree weather! We’ve had a couple days of rain, and the grass is growing again, so the boys are having a nice feast. Good on ’em.


Ewes in lower pasture

The ladies and lambs are in the lower pasture. Not as much grass, but more blackberry canes and access to shelter. Oak trees galore. And Mayhaws. And sandy stuff and bahia, not rye.


Oak leaves under my feet in the house pasture. HA.

Alright, I know these pictures suckalot, but that’s because I have Miss Emm with me and the sheep go further and further away from my lens, except for baby Rooney who thinks Miss Emm is very cool, much to his maa’s dismay. Such is life. I’ll get better pics tomorrow. See ya later, bye! Wave wave!


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