In the almost garden


Dill, Eva Purple Ball, Genovese Basil, Rosa Bianca Eggplant Seedlings

Okay okay, the time has come, my Curly Lumpkin said, to think of many things. And the main thing is food for the Spring. So, we’re sprouting seeds and getting the starts into flats of potting soil. So far, so good. Boo hiss on the indigo and old roselle I’m trying. Likewise to the Yellow-eye Pea Beans. Waaaaah. They’re not havin’ it. But those who are havin’ it, are HAVIN’ it and I’m delighted. This is a garden of “what we have.” Biggest investment to be TIME. I have TIME. Time is my friend. My enemy. But it’s what I have as far as resources go.

roselle, sweets, mint.jpg

Roselle, Sweet Potato Slips, Mint

This is the roselle that started. Not a lot, but guess what. That will become a wall and give us tea for a year, not to mention stir fry greens! The Sweets? We shall see. And yes, I splurged on a mint. The sheep ate my ancient sprawling mint. Who could blame them. I keep waiting for a new shoot. Nada. Bit the bullet. Bought a spearmint plant. How can you live a life of pleasure without a mint plant?

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