Happy 2018


Kay and Billy

2018 came in with a WHAM! Cold weather. Ice. Freezing rain. And, of course, lambs.

Jaanet went first, and delivered a beautiful little boy we named Aandrew. Lily was next – in the heart of the storm – with a ewe lamb we named Lisaa. Next morning, Kay had Billy.


Lily and Lisaa

We worried about Kay. She and Jaanet are first time mommas – both 2 years old. And though Jaanet, once a famous bottle baby, handled birthing like a champ, Kay had a rough time. We had to strip her milk and put Billy on target, and even then, she was less than thrilled with the concept of nursing.

All is well now, though, and the 3 mommas are sharing the maternity ward with their lambs and lots of hay!


2018 Lambs & their Mommas

Every time I think I’m getting too old for this, we get faced with a lamb or a chick or a puppy, and my world view changes right quick. Speaking of puppy…say Hi to Emmolee!


 Emmolee the Flyin’ Puppadorg


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