Au naturel

Mitt kits for Heidi's Mittens.jpg

mitt kit au naturel

Haven’t been doing any knitting for nearly a year and spinning? Well, let’s just say that tendinitis in a thumb puts a crimp in your fiber life.

But, I’m nearly back, I guess. I still have several fleeces to process from the spring shearing. Feels good to be back on the wheel, but my thumb still is not at 100%.

These yarns are, as you might guess, Gulf Coast Native. This was an order from NYC for mostly natural flavors, with a dash of naturally dyed.

So, top – bottom: 3-ply GCN Lamb, GCN fat singles, GCN/GCNI 2-ply tweed, and GCN fat singles dyed with onion skins.

One thought on “Au naturel

  1. You know, when I saw them, I thought maybe the yarn came from your own sheep, that you had sun and dyed it yourself (being that you can do just about anything, you Wonder Woman, you)!

    I just finished updating my blog…you know…the one I posted one post on about 2 years ago 🙂
    I am trying to get back into writing on a regular basis and eventually finishing some of my unfinished fiction.

    If I remember correctly, you write, right?

    Have you considered setting up a category fro some of your writings and posting it? I ask because I never read your stuff but I bet it’s great and I’d love to read some of it.

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