Hey, 2017 is Really Here!

lily on Monday.jpg

Started the week with Lily hangin’ around the barnyard doin’ nothin’. Judgin’ by the size of her underments, I moved her to the jug, which in April becomes “The Shearin’ Shed.” She didn’t mind. She didn’t want to move. I brought her Gatorade and Power Punch and plenty of water, and she was content to be fussed over. And that was that. For two days.


This morning, I got down to the jug in time to see these two dudes bawlin’ their heads off. “Where’s mah bawbaw?” She still has a lot goin’ on back there, so tittie findin’ is not all that simple.

lily la ma.jpg

That’s not stoppin’ em, though. They are determined little buggizz.

not my idear.jpg

This feller is Eddy, named after the great #15 Eddy Pineiro. Not sure of his average yet, but he is the younger of the two, so we’re stickin’ with Eddy. Ah, the older feller, of course, is Steve, named after the other great kicker of all time, Stephen Gostkowski. Sorry, but there was no doubt they’d be named for kickers. I do believe my shoulder is dislocated from the moment I felt her belly hopin’ to feel a lamb move. Ka BOOM. Yeah. THAT’S why she was layin’ around alright!