Red Hots ~ Update

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Red Hots Yum Yum

Down below there, on the ol’ blog, there’s a post about Rolags for Red Hots. I forgot o’mitey to tune y’all in on the finished skein. Here it is. Going to be, possibly, short socks. Oh My.




Dove’s Roost Ragg for Socks

Here’s 340 yards of gawjus soft marled yarn. One ply is tawny alpaca; one ply is Gulf Coast Native. Since March, I’ve been a sock-knitting fool, turning out several pair for Sock Madness’ Team Kweechah Knotweed, and now for Tour de Sock’s Team Cool yer Heels. This yarn is for Stage Two of Tour de Sock, a lurvley cabley design which I’ll happily brag about lateron.