Mothersday is Here

dolly's muumuu socks.jpg

Sock Madness Round #4 – Sweet Nuttins

Well, when the shearer came, that was it. Two days of sheep rodeo and I was out of the running. It’s okay. I’m almost done with these beauties, and I’ll knit along on the sidelines. The round officially ends on Thursday, the 12th, but my team is a fast team and the first 20 slots filled up right quick. I couldn’t catch up to save my skin.

Beads, cables, and lace, and all done up in Sally’s fleece spun into a fine fingering weight and dyed carrrrazily. Looks like we have made an accidentally self-striping yarn. Hm. Wild. At any rate. I am not dead. But fell ill with some mean-ass bug after the shearing. I did manage to try to get the fleece dried before I collapsed into a heap. We had a downpour that leveled us all…and yea, we had a crowd. Sheep soaked. Fleeces soaked. Shearers soaked. Mats soaked. Good Lawd.

Could be worse. He might not have come til the end of June!

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