SKA MOCK March ’16 – BeautyBerry


Dove’s Roost GCN Laceweight – Sally

Sock Knitters Anonymous – Sockdown for March is about cables. “BeautyBerry” is a mystery sock by Claire Ellen, with clues being released once a week. So far, 2 clues have come out. The cuff is the first.

SPOILER ALERT! Sorry about the wretched photo below. That’s a midnight pic, taken on my lap, with a flash. Can’t see the cool little cables. Or the yarn. Or much else. Gah.

beautyberry cuff.jpg

Spoiler! Cuff of Sock 1

Now, Andi, of 10,000 Stitches Rav group and podcast is also working on cables in March and April. So. I’ll post updates in her group too.

This is going to be a catch as catch can sock, because soon, all too soon, not soon enough, Sock Madness Sock 2 will drop…and that will be that. All she wrote. Et cetera.

For now, though…a little cabling and bobbling. Cha cha cha.




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