Gearin’ up for Sock Madness 10

ewe time.jpg

Ewe Time

Explained to the ladies that I’d be knitting up a slew of socks with their names on ’em. That got their attention, let me tell you. Every body wants to be the first fleece chosen. Sorry ladies. It’s gonna be catch as catch can. I love y’all, but the patterns will dictate.

patty in the solar system.jpg

Patty in her Solar System

I’m not saying that she thinks that she’s the center of everything, it’s just that she has the softest fleece you ever did see. I don’t know that her fleece is going to become socks, because I’d as soon wear it around my neck. That’s Skye rooster up above, and Annie down below. Patty is always purty darn centered.

good morning.jpg

Patty & Annie

Here we go again. Patty with the tufted forehead, and Annie of the freckly face and black legs. Hi, Ladies! *wave wave*

annie & fergus.jpg

Fergus & Annie

One of those days. I went out expressly to get pictures of the lambs. HAR. Not gonna happen. Such is life. Look at me, Fergus! Please?

Kay and Leo.jpg

Kay & Leo

Kay is Lily’s girl. She is a very loud KayZoo. You can see that she doesn’t want her momma to be far from her…look at her nose…all red from nursing All The Time. Leo, Rosie’s boy, is gonna be a big ol’ dude.


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