Cold Mornin’ Sheep

cold morning sheeps.jpg


Okay okay, I walked down to check on the ladies and gentlemen, and those lambs were bein’ just adorable, snugged down into the hay that their momma’s were munchin’. So, I scooted my self back to the house and snagged the camera. And, as soon as I raised it to my eye, the lambs jumped up. Two took off. Leo is here in this shot, dead center, but, you can’t tell much about how dang adorable he is. What a charmer he’s gonna be!

Any hoo, here’s another shot, this one of my Teddy Bisco checkin’ out some yarn I’m knittin’.


Getting teddy's approval on the #2 yarn.jpg

A Gift – Merino Dyed with Red Peaches, Apricot Bark, Madder, and Weld

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