Happy Birthday, Dolly Boone

sock 1 done.jpg

First Socks o’ the Year

Today is my Mama’s birthday. She’d have been 103. I finished these socks today, and will always think of her when I wear them. Heck, I bought her a pair of Birkies in about 1985, and she never wore them out of the house. I discovered them in a box a couple years ago, and decided to wear them inside, myself. They’ve become my winter Birks, and they go out now; these socks will make a fine complement.

I know, I know, I know. This is not wool from my sheep! I know, already. This is ancient, and I believe, discontinued sock yarn called Sockotta. It’s from Italy. It’s a fakey fair isle patterned yarn, which I sorta do not like. So, I used a puckery rib pattern to eliminate the vast expanse of fakey fair isle. Ah well. And now, it’s time to check on the lambs again.

The sheep were all out in the blackberry patch after the great rains that fell this morning. The ewes and lambs acted as if nothing had happened. The rams were all huddled under their little roof. Such is life in these parts.

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