The Reason for Complaint

leo kay lily.jpg

L-R Leo, Kay and her Momma, Lily

A little bit ago, I heard the most plaintive grumbling coming from a sheep in the maternity pasture. Sounded, for the life of me, like a momma talking to her newborn, but louder.

Got some warm stuff on, grabbed my briar, and headed for the gate. I could see Rosie standing all by herself. She was the one makin’ a racket. Now, she had Leo quite a few days ago, so I knew she hadn’t just dropped a lamb.

Ah. There, by the walk-in gate, scooched down in the hay, Lily and her lamb Kayzoo and another little dude, Leo – Rosie’s Leo.

Of course, as soon as I pulled out my camera, Leo hopped up and turned to run to his maa. Still, I figure you might want a peek at the new babies. Couldn’t show you how big Fergus is gettin’. He was on the far side of the pasture with his maa, Annie.

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