Friday of Lamb Week

Leo & Rosie.jpg

Leo & Rosie

Went out there on this gray day to see if I could get a couple pictures of the new musketeers. Lookit this dude. Oh ram. He is a cutie pie. Big ol’ legs on him. Must weigh 7 pounds. He has little black horns sprouting already. Purty busy first day!



Fergus came running up to me. I like that in a ram. He’s a very neat little feller. Almost one week old! The eldest bebbie out there.


L-R Annie, Fergus, Lily, Kayzoo, Rosie, and Leo

Wish I could have gotten a clear shot at Kay’s face. She has a very unusual eye. Ringed in black with white lashes. Lily turned her around before I could snap one.

Don’t you wish you had a few lamby-pies?

6 thoughts on “Friday of Lamb Week

  1. I do wish I had a lamb-ie pie. If I didn’t have to keep my cats (because that’s where the extra kisses are stored) I’d trade ’em for a lamb-ie pie. They *are* terlet trained, right?

    • Oh, they do. Crackpots, all! The eldest is a week old, they youngest is 2 days. The three have banded together and popcorn off away from their Mamas, the come roaring back when the ewes bellow. I could watch ’em all day long!

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