Rosie ~ “It’s a Boy!”

Rosie N Leo Jan 7 2016.jpg

Rosie brought Leo into the world this morning

Rosie N Leo 1 7 16 no2.jpg

Rosie knows what to do, even with an audience!

Rosie N Leo no3.jpg

Rosie & Annie were Sally-Ma’s bottle babies, but they LOVE being mommas.

Rosie N Leo no4.jpg

“There. See his tail go craaaayzeee?”

Rosie N Leo no5.jpg

Leo has a black nose!

Rosies Bud yearling.jpg

Rosie’s Bud, lookin’ through the fence, was born a year ago.

Rosie's Bud born 2015.jpg

“I can’t believe my momma had another baby! I’m the baby!”

5 thoughts on “Rosie ~ “It’s a Boy!”

    • We’d planned on naming the first lamb after you, but the synchronicity of losing my sister-in-law at almost the same hour as the birth of #1 led us to name him for her. I’m so HAPPY you are happy about it! He’s big and sturdy! You should see him R U N!

  1. Such a cutie. How much do your lamb babies weigh at birth? My friend Mary’s lambs weighed only two pounds. I couldna’ believe they were so tiny but they rolled up in your hand like a toy. Yours look much bigger. Handsome family. 😀

    • These guys are about 4 maybe 5 pounds. Twins have been around 2 – 3 pounds each. These are all healthy little ol’ horses, lemme tell ya. Every one is popcorning back and forth in the lower pasture. Even Leo,
      who appears to be the biggest!

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