Lambing Season Day 2


Lily and ewe lamb.jpg

Lily & her ewe lamb

Lily and her brandy new.jpg

Lily and Miss brand new Lamb

Lily gettin milked.jpg

Lily remembering the joy of nursing

This morning, as I fed the chickens, I noticed Lily hanging around the shearing shed which we’re using as “the jug.” By the time I got through the walk-in gate, I realized that she was nursing a lamb.

The ewes went up the hill to have some eats, and Lily and her ewe lamb went into the jug. Navel dipped, mama fed, toes accounted for, and the rams placated, I got in the house in time to make lunch.

For the record, here’s an update on Fergus…

Annie & Fergusday2.jpg

Annie and Fergus on his 2nd day on Earth

Annie and Ferg.jpg

Fergus, all cleaned up with his momma, Annie

Fergus is a lively chap, bouncing all around the pen. Looks like Annie took some time and gave him a nice bath. “Hey now,” said Annie.

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