Happy New Year from Dove’s Roost

Chicks first excursion.jpg

Mei-Mei and her 3 Henchicks

This is their first day out in the big world. Their house is 1) close to the road and 2) close to the roos. So, I’ve let them grow up a bit before cutting them loose to become vulture fodder.

Maxie son of Gouveia.jpg

Maxie, Son of Gouveia

A handsome boy who is so tame he walks with me in the morning.

Mimi with Cookie Jackie Mrs Grey Tweedy and Rocky.jpg

Mimi and his Hennies

Mimi was supposed to be a hen. The smartest hen in the world. She used to come to the garden for culls and take them to her sisters. Then one day, I heard her crowing. The next, she grew a big red comb and a huge green tail. Then, Mimi was a rooster.

Cookie, Jackie, Mrs Grey, Tweedy, and Rocky are his hens. Also Red. Red is recovering from a broken foot, from being tackled by the little cur dog who stayed here awhile back. Red is not in the picture, but she is fine.

Raymond Toby Sam and Rudy.jpg

Raymond, Toby Joe the Unicorn, Sammas, and Rudy

The boys are sad because they are stuck in their dry lot eating hay. They want to come in the yard and have chicken scratch. Oh HA! That’s not going to happen, fellows! Raymond has beautiful horns. So does Bud, Rosie’s ram. Oh, let’s see Bud!

Bud Give me my Pasture.jpg

Bud, Provoking all Kinds o Empathy

Yes, this is Bud. He surely knows how to make me feel bad. “Maaa? Lookit? Lookit, Maaa? See? See how sad I am? Maaa?” Holy Hootis. Nope, you are not going to yank my chain and get let into the arugula! No.


Arugula, or that which Bud Covets

If you like arugula, this is a good year.

roselle new years day.jpg

Roselle, wimpy Lettuce, baby Cabbage, and re-sprouted Indigo

Probably the lamest winter garden I’ve ever grown, except for the gardens of snow which I raised so well in Massachusetts.

Teddy BIsco.jpg

Teddy Bisco

We’re ending this chunk of the tour with a photo of stalwart Tedford Boone Bisco. He is my puppacat, who would be sad for a week if I didn’t say, “C’mon Teddy! Time for a walk!”

You may have noticed the absence of ewes in this little patch of pictures. They are all hiding in the blackberry patch this morning. I could see rumpuses, but had no desire to go get my legs all scritchy scratched. It’s a hot humid day, and shorts are it, baby.


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