Got the Blues Again


12 29 indigo.jpg

Natural and Indigo Dyed Gulf Coast Blended into Batts

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been carding today. I have carded 2 batts, about 3 1/2 oz, and have 9 or so to go.

Gone spinnin’…see ya later, bye! *wave wave*


Last Night’s Spins

dec 28 spinning.jpg

Patty Showing Off

Pretty Patty. Soft Patty. Luscious Patty. Pink Patty. I couldn’t get her off my bobbins yesterday. Batts carded from the exhausted palest of pale madder vats…hard to tell there was any color until pressing her up against a bit of natural Gulf Coast.

weakening light.jpg

Patty at a Party in Silks

Here she is again, not just Pink Patty, but Orangeade (also madder) Patty, and Early Morning (indigo) Patty. Too big for a sample, this Party Patty came in just under 100 yards. Worsted weight. Lighter than air.

On a mission to clear out 2015, I intend to card a box of indigo and madder dyed Gulf Coast, and yellow and brown GC blends. And which fleeces might like a dip in onion skins or sandalwood?

I was left behind today, so I’ll trade wood for fiber and continue to get a jump on January skeinage.