The Best Gift Ever

_ a a a a a adoptasheep1.jpg

Mary & Twin Ewe Lambs Alice and Elizabeth

Stuck for the perfect gift for the spinner in your life? Well, consider the Adopt-a-Sheep CSA that we offer at Dove’s Roost Farm. I do all the “dirty work” caring for the sheep, “adoptive parents” get pictures of “their” sheep, monthly farm updates, and a fresh fleece from the spring shearing. The lambs in these pictures are all grown up now, and this spring we will shear their first full fleeces. We have a flock of 22 sheep.

_ a a a a a adoptasheep2.jpg

Rosie and her little boy Bud

_a a a a a adoptasheep3.jpg

Our Shearer, Jonathon, and one of the Ladies

Here’s the info from our etsy listing:

When you “adopt-a-sheep” from Dove’s Roost Farm, you help us care for our flock of heritage breed sheep, and receive an entire fleece in return. The Spanish brought sheep to Florida in the 1500’s. Our Gulf Coast Native Sheep are descendants of that original flock. Over the years, the early sheep were abandoned and they became feral. Over time, they adapted to the harsh hot humid environment of the Gulf Coast. These amazing animals have a high resistance to parasites and hoof rot. We do not have to worm the flock, making them very environmentally friendly, with healthy naturally high-functioning systems. They are good natured, funny, happy animals. We raise these beautiful hardy sheep to preserve this heritage breed, and because we enjoy living with them so much.

Your adoption fee of $150.00 guarantees you a fresh fleece from the next Spring shearing. Our sheep have lovely low-lanolin fleece that is a joy to spin. The fleece will be skirted to remove “tags” but inevitably, there will be some VM, as we cannot coat our sheep in this climate. They are pastured much of the year, eating a mixture of bahia and other native grasses, blackberries, and wildflowers. Seeds, bits of grass, and hay do find their way into the fleece, but are easily picked out. The fleece will be rolled so that you can remove it from the bag, unroll it, and see the entire fleece as it came off the sheep. This will allow you to select and grade the fleece for your spinning projects.

Adult Gulf Coast Sheep fleece ranges from 4 to 6 inches in length. Ewes’ fleeces are between 3 – 5 pounds, rams’ fleeces are larger, up to 8 or 9 pounds.

In addition to that lovely fiber, you will receive monthly updates on “your” sheep and the flock, photos of your sheep, instructions on scouring your fleece, and the knowledge that you are helping to protect and sustain this endangered heritage breed.

_a a a a a adoptasheep4.jpg

Yummy Gulf Coast Native Fiber, hot off the Sheep

Interested? Feel free to message me here, or go right on over to the etsy store and Adopt-a-Gulf Coast Native Sheep!

_a a a a a adoptasheep5.jpg


Thank you!



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