Lily & Sammas all Fat

month 6 handspun of the month.jpg

Gulf Coast Natives Lily & Sammas

Silly to post this picture, I suppose. But, I’m all excited. I wanted to make the next best thing to an unspun yarn. Low tension, low twist, rustic – a real softy…ya know? So, I carded a couple batts of Lily’s lamb fleece…all nubbly and bumpy, and a couple batts of Sammas’ primo yella goods…perfect crimp and 6″ staple, and spun two really fat singles from batt strips. Then, plied them. The wool was spun in the grease, so that it would be an easy spin – not fally-aparty at all. I washed the skeins this evening. Talk about soft! WOWZA! I’ll see if a picture of the yarn all dry and snowy will show “soft.” Tomorrow is another day. I heard that some where.

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