Weeds & Avocado

We’re having a warm autumn. No frost yet. A couple of cool nights, but, the browning of the grasses and weeds has more to do with senescence plus shorter daylight hours than actual wintry weather. I’ve been a slacker when it comes to dye plant harvest. This season, I mean it, I’ve been lazy. There are so many things still growing out there, so many things blooming, so many things yellin’ “Doncha wanna pick me?” that I simply caved. Picked a bucket of wild indigo, just to see what would happen. I’d read on someone’s dye page that this plant would, with coaxing, give color. I’ve tried, halfheartedly, to dye with this stuff before, but this time, I followed my standard indigo process. And it was a fail. I got a pale green before oxygenating the fluid, lemon yellow after raising the pH, and dark opaque yellow green after adding thiox. Soaked the wool. Set the temps. Set the timer. And nada. Maybe the palest yellow tint to the yarn. Gave it air. Nada. Dipped. Aired. Nada.

wild indigo at its most.jpg

I found a jar with some dark rusty red gunk in it…and realized I was looking at an old avocado pit soak. Hey now. Heated that. Strained that. Got my failed weed dyed yarns into that dye bath. Promising.

old avocado pits and wind dyed wool.jpg

I hung the skeins for half an hour and re-dipped ’em in my double boiler setup. Re-hung it. Holding my breath, I rinsed the yarn. Ha ha ha. That was fun. Five hours of fun. A yarn designer’s wet work. What did I get?

couple skeins dyed in avo.jpg

At least I know that these skeins are clean. For sure, they are clean.

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