Third Day of Chilly Weather

There’s something about feeling the cold on your back. I am always flabbergasted at the accuracy of the calendar. Change of season? Check. Turn on the falling leaves and cool air.

Okay okay. Here we are. The temps and humidity have been too high for this ol’ girl to sit and fuss with fiber. Not full time, anyway. And that’s pretty bad, considering it IS my job. But now, this blast of chill is giving me motivation and cosmic permission to get back to work. Already, my head feels clearer, more awake.

Back to the job at hand, then. Yesterday, I prepped the fiber for a 3-ply fractal Impressionist inspired fall-themed handspun-of-the-month yarn. Yeah. Alright. Well, how about more pictures?

Top photo shows the fiber, carded into one ounce batts, unstripped.

Bottom photo shows the fiber, stripped, separated into one ounce ply piles.


batts, stripped

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