#5 Cat Wars


To the Victor, uh, I mean Mickey, go the Spoils – 6 x 9″ Watercolor/Sticks

Couldn’t get into the studio last night. Henri le chat rouge (the orange guy on the left) was treed again, and he’s delicate, and I could not lock myself up until he was down and in the house, safe and sound. Mickey (the black and white giant big fat monstah Tomcat) is at war with Henri le chat rouge. It is, as it often goes, a one-sided war.

So, I sat in the living room with cats all round, cats on the back of my chair, three in my lap, one who insisted on climbing my leg – pajamas are so clawsome, and I fretted and fretted, pulling drawers out, looking for something to draw on and with. I found an old watercolor block and my ancient Winsor Newton watercolour field box and some watercolor sticks et voila! I had me something to work with without disturbizing the chats. I even had a glass of water. (I have to admit, there is still water in the little field kit water bottle, but it must be 10 years old, so, I was afraid it might have transmogrified into something other than plain old H2O.)

As Mickey was providing us with wholly terror, and Henri was up in the air, I figured…and well…Pinetop was back with Dobie on the porch, but feeling skeered, and layin’ low…well, you can see where my mind went.

Alas. I’m determined to get studio time today. Laaaaaa!

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